ENDURANCE. The Greatest Adventure Story Ever Told. Photography by Frank Hurley. First illustrated edition

London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, (2000). Photographer Frank Hurley. First illustrated edition. Hardcover. Small 4to. "They had been on the ice exactly one week (December 1914). In seven short days they had gone from the well-ordered, even pleasant existence on board the ship Endurance to one of primitive discomfort, of unending wet and inescapable cold. A little more than a week before they had slept in their own warm bunks and eaten their meals in the cosy atmosphere around the mess table. Now they were crammed together in overcrowded tents, lying in reindeer or woollen sleeping bags on bare ice, or at best on odd pieces of hard lumber. At mealtimes, they sat in the snow, and each man ate out of an aluminium mug they called a pannican, into which everything was dumped at the same time. For utensils, each had a spoon, a knife, and his fingers. They were castaways in one of the most savage regions of the world, drifting they knew not where, without a hope of rescue, subsisting only so long as Providence sent them food to eat." Frank Hurley, the photographer of the exhibition, miraculously saved his negatives and photographs from destruction at each stage of the journey. They present a unique visual record of the struggles to survive. 278pp. A near fine copy in black cloth in a near fine dust jacket. Item #14187
ISBN: 029764680X

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