AMERICANS ON EVEREST. The Official Account of the Ascent led by Norman G. Dyhrenfurth. Signed by 4.

Philadelphia: Lippincott, (1964). First edition. Hardcover. This copy is signed by four who were on the team led by Norman Dyhrenfurth; Barry W Prather (was stricken with an altitude-related illness, did not complete the ascent, but survived), Dick Emerson (sociologist, was on West Ridge support team, did not summit), Thomas Hornbein (made the ascent up the West Ridge), and James W Whittaker (first American to climb to the top of Everest). Illustrated from photographs, both color and black and white. This is the story of an American mountain climbing expedition whose goal was to summit Mt. Everest. On May 10, 1961, permissions were granted by the powers that be. It took nearly three years, and over 300 sponsors, to raise in excess of 400k (for scientific equipment, salaries of the scientists for the duration of the research grants, production costs of a documentary film for television and motion picture theaters, organisational, administrative and fund-raising expenses, etc. The figure also included more than $70,000. worth of equipment and food presented by generous suppliers to the expedition. The final team was composed of nineteen Americans, one Britisher and one Nepalese liaison officer, plus, most importantly, 32 Sherpas). In February of 1963 the adventure began. Success came first on May 1, when two men gained the summit via the South Col route. This was followed three weeks later by an even more extraordinary feat: four more men made the peak, two by the South Col route and two via the West Ridge, which had never been negotiated before. The book is dedicated: "To the memory of John E. Breitenbach who lies on Everest." Two days after the American team established base camp at 17,800 feet, tragedy struck. Climber John E. Breitenbach of Jackson, Wyoming, was killed while picking his way through the steepest part of the glacier. He was buried under giant blocks of ice. 429pp. A near fine crisp copy in a near fine dust jacket. Item #14198

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