THE HOG. An Archive

Unpublished. Charles Bukoiwski. Single sheets. A one-of-a-kind item, this infamous 12-page short story written in the early 1980s, when Buk was riding high and anything was possible. Obviously he was wrong on this one. These pages have only been seen by very few, a handful at most (Hank would Xerox pages because he had so many changes, cross-outs, and mis-spellings nobody could understand the story, as he lays out in these letters). The plot concerns the demands made by a rich man forcing his hired caretaker, (Bukowski) of many years to produce someone or something that can re-charge his libido, or else "... you're finished, ... understand?" This tale is so shocking, so sexually charged, beyond mere kinky, that no one, no magazine, no fine press, even Hustler magazine said, "Hell NO!" Only Larry "Razzo" Sloman, the publisher of High Times Magazine, a good writer in his own right, was on the fence about publishing. Included with this 12-page story, the only copy in existence that we know of, are 26 TLS's from Bukowski to "Razzo" full of that sexual advice, that sexual wisdom, and that sexual heat and pain, and enough savvy, cojones, and moxie to persuade High Times to, 'get r done'. Sprinkled with 44 original Bukowski line drawings, and his comments on his current state, topics such as; drinking, horse racing, ecstasy, " ... I am naked with the fan on my ass ...", and news that Shel Silverstein wanted to collaborate/illustrate a book of Bukowski's, Rod McKuen, a few words about Bobby Dylan, ... reaming ..., The Player, sexual advice, " ... sheet-burn and crybaby dick ... , "cream dreams", and, of course, " ... quick turd lays... ", as well as advice too strong and weird for a public description. 'Tales from 'The Adventures of Hiram Somebody', hobnobbing with horse jockeys at Anita, where Hank got a pic in the winner's circle with all his pals, and, of course, THE HOG. The archive is housed in a half black Morocco custom box with a drawing of a 'Bukowski bird' on top, a real stunner and a great presentation. Nothing can top this. All in fine condition. Item #13971

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