LEGACIES Edited by Richard Chizmar. #278/500

Baltimore: Cemetery Dance Publications, 2010. Many including Gahan Wilson. First limited edition printing. Hardcover. A deluxe signed Limited Edition featuring ten classic reprints from the legends of dark fantasy and terror: Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Clive Barker, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, David Morrell, Peter Straub, Robert Bloch, William F. Nolan, and George Clayton Johnson. Signed by all writers except Ray Bradbury and Robert Bloch. Each story features full-color and black and white art exclusive to this edition, and each story has its own signature sheet. The cover artwork is by Gail Cross and interior art by Michael Apice, Jill Bauman, Glenn Chadbourne, Alan M. Clark, Stacy Drum, Keith Kinnion, Mark Nelson, Phil Parks, Eric Powell, Erik Wilson, and Gahan Wilson. This copy, #278/500 is signed by Richard Chizmar. The stories are: "One for the Road", by Stephen King, originally published in 1977, signed by King and illustrated and signed by Erik Wilson. "Black River" by Dean Koontz, originally published in 1999 and signed by Koontz and the illustrator Phil Parks. "The Dripping" signed by David Morrell and originally published in 1972, and also signed by the illustrator Jill Bauman. "The Age of Desire" by Clive Barker, originally published in 1985 and signed by Barker and the illustrator Vince Natale. "Mute" by Richard Matheson (originally published in 1962) and illustrated by Eric Powell (signed by both). "Broxa" by William F. Nolan and originally published in 1991, is signed by both Nolan and both of the illustrators, Michael Apice and Keith Minnion. "Last Rights" by Ray Bradbury, was originally published in 1994, illustrated by Alan M. Clark (not signed by Bradbury). "Skeleton in my Closet" by Robert Bloch was originally published in 1946, and is signed by both illustrators; Mark Nelson and Glenn Chadbourne. "The Man With the Hoe" by George Clayton Johnson is also signed by Stacy Drum, "Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff" by Peter Straub, also signed by the illustrator Gahan Wilson. The book is signed by the editor Richard Chizmar. A fine copy in dust jacket (both near new) , with ribbon marker, in the publisher's original traycase (fine). Item #13976

Price: $450.00