THE HOG. An Archive. 1980s Unpublished. Charles Bukowski.

THE HOG. An Archive. 1980s Unpublished.

n.p. n.p., 1980s. Charles Bukowski. First edition. separate sheets. A one-of-a-kind item, this 12pp short story written in the early 1980s by Charles Bukowski, concerns the demands made on a caretaker (Buk) by his employer, an aging rich man, to make him “cum again” or “otherwise, you’re finished, understand?” This tale is so shocking, so sexually charged, beyond kinky, involving a beautiful young woman, $10,000 in cash and a HOG, that no publisher would touch it. To this day THE HOG is unpublished. With 26 related TLS’s from Bukowski to Larry “Razzo” Sloman, publisher of HIGH TIMES magazine. The typescript offered here is the only one in existence (as far as we can tell), and the correspondence is full of Bukowski advice, wisdom and pain, as well as being sprinkled with 44 original Buk line drawings, and Buk observations on such topics as: drinking, horse racing, ecstasy, “I am naked with the fan on my ass”, Shel Silverstein, Rod McKuen, San Pedro, Bob Dylan, “reaming”, The Player, sexual advice, “sheet-burn and crybaby dick”, “cream-dream”, “quick turd lays”, “The Adventures of Hiram Somebody”, “getting my feet rubbed for an hour”, “hobnobbing with jockey’s”, “got a pic of me in winner’s circle at Anita”, and of course, THE HOG. Housed in a half black Morocco custom box, fleece lined in red, with red cloth edges and center panels front and back in tan Pig Skin (HOG). Bird sketch by Bukowski copied onto the front with wood burning tool to create the sketched effect. Title and author in gilt. A stunning presentation of a one-of-a-kind item. The Archive: The price is based on the worth of the letters, the 12pp story is a bonus. Near fine. Item #14023

Price: $27,500.00

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