WILD DOGS. A POSTER 24 x 18. Robert Crumb, Victor Moscoso, Dan O'Neill.


San Francisco: Mitchell Brothers, 1985. R. Crumb, Victor Moscoso, Dan O'Neill. First edition. single sheet. This poster, created by famed San Francisco underground artists R. Crumb and Victor Moscoso and Dan O'Neill. This group was put together by O'Neill, to cover the 1984 Democratic convention in San Francisco. The poster was made in 1985 during the time that Diane Feinstein was mayor of San Francisco. It was comissioned by the Mitchell Brothers who owned a famous adult entertainment venue in San Francisco's Tenderloin district. The O'Farrell Theatre was a favorite hangout of O'Neill's gang. The theater was subjected to raids by Feinstein numerous times and the owners countered by printing this poster and putting it up in City Hall as well as on lamposts in the vicinity of the Mayor's home in Pacific Heights. Moscoso drew the figure of Feinstein. Crumb's pen can be seen in the action going on under Feinstein's skirt. Reportedly less than 1000 of these were printed. This brilliant collaboration, between three of the most important artists of the period, features Feinstein wearing the San Francisco city hall dome as a skirt while, "Behind the Scenes" the police harass ordinary citizens and the press. On Feinstein's hip the "MO" probably refers to deceased Mayor Moscone and the headline, "The Wild Dog is Loose in the Streets" refers to the police department and Feinstein's inability to control police abuses. Fine. Item #14332

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