Richmond: Van Neste Books, (2001). First edition. Hardcover. The tale of Henry Starr, a young man in search of his real mother. Told through the eyes of his younger cousin, Annie, it is also the story of generation and family. While growing up, with a father who could never 'make it' and the woman he believed to be his mother, young Henry lives the restricted yet secure life of a small-town boy. When he learns that his real mother -- not the woman from whom he received love and comfort -- is somewhere else, young Henry commits what is perhaps an unforgivable act, and flees. Annie, young and impressionable, is mystified and fascinated by Henry's journey. Through correspondence from him, she learns of his life, his travels, his encounters, and the quest to which he devotes his life: searching for his blood mother. Annie's fascination develops into affection, perhaps even love, for Henry. Her own life is limited. Perhaps it is the fact of Henry's adventures, the traumatic nature of his quest, that contributes to the humming vacancy of her own life. Perhaps it is something more. A fine copy in dust jacket. Item #14527
ISBN: 0965763994

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