RAGE OF THE RANDOM ACTOR. Disarming Catastrophic Acts and Restoring Lives

International Focus Press: Richardson (TX), 2005. Second Printing (2008). Hardcover. Signed by Dan Korem on the front blank. 524 pages. Mass school shooters/bombers, suicide bombers, and postal/company killers all have something in common. They have the Random Actor behavioral profile identified in the early 1990s by Dan Korem, the critically acclaimed author of the classic text, The Art of Profiling - Reading People Right the First Time, 2nd ed. Korem details this profile and extraordinary cases where in an intervention he identified has thwarted scores of Random Actor attacks in schools, companies, and military theaters. For over fifteen years, scores of Texas school districts have stopped attacks and threats by applying his research and many education and law enforcement professionals believe it is the reason that Texas has not had a mass shooting/bombing since the trend started in 1997. In the early 1990s, Korem predicted in the early 1990s with nearly 100% accuracy that suburban and small town communities the statistically safest communities are the locales where the attacks will occur and why. Newton, CT, Columbine, Virginia Tech, and most company attacks, for example typically occur in these locales. More importantly, he identified a three point intervention that guides a student/adult out of the Random Actor profile often within weeks. On a large scale, after 9-11 only one region in the US didn t have Random Actor threats . . . it was the only region where 2500 educators used Dan s research. They pre-identified students and provided intervention before they ever plotted an attack. Additionally, 150 times a day schools are evacuated because of Random Actor threats. The reason this trend is growing across the nation is that 6% of all students now have the Random Actor traits (up from 1-2% at the time of the Columbine Massacre) and approximately 3-4% in the workforce. The urgency to apply this research is even greater than when Rage of the Random Actor was first released. Illustrated from photographs. A fine copy in a fine dust jacket. Item #15325
ISBN: 0963910353

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